Facility Equipment Surveyor Position

This is a traveling position, you will be on the road approximately 65% - 75% of the time surveying equipment in our
customers facilities throughout the U.S..

Job Description to Include:
  • Ability to assess and define production and facility equipment
  • Knowledge of Lockout Tagout Procedures, EVAC, Confined Spaces
  • Development of Lockout Tagout procedures that meet OSHA and customer requirements
  • Auditing for compliance of Lockout Tagout Procedures to current standards within the manufacturing environment
  • Interpretation, application, and teaching of OSHA requirements in Subchapter 1910
  • Ability to read blueprints of manufacturing equipment, both production, and facilities
  • Drawing capabilities on both paper and tablet PC's
  • Evacuation map development including routes and gathering areas from both hand drawings and facility blueprints
  • Preventative and planned maintenance procedure development
  • Training will be provided for the right candidate with knowledge of equipment energy sources such as; electrical, pneumatic, natural gas, gravity, hydraulic.
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