Arc Flash Analysis

PFS is able to provide an Arc Flash Survey of electrical substations and electrical drops greater than 50 volts to comply with NFPA70E standards and to determine specific criteria and controls for safe electrical work practices.

Our NFPA 70E visual signage is developed for each location where arc flash and shock hazards are likely to be present. The NFPA 70E placards include technical information, PPE requirements, lockout protocols, and other safety procedures required to comply with OSHA and NFPA requirements.

An arc flash can result in temperatures up to 35,000 degrees F. This is four times hotter than the surface of the sun and can result in fatal burns up to five feet from the arc, and severe burns at distances up to ten feet away. Arc flash blasts can create pressure waves that can damage hearing and cause a concussion resulting in memory loss. In addition to surveys, PFS can provide safe electrical work practice training for you qualified personnel as required by OSHA. Visual instruction, training, and change management are all documented within Premier's NFPA 70E Factory Solutions Software.

Whether your motivation is …
  • To implement a safety / training program
  • To improve productivity and efficiency
  • To meet the requirements of OSHA regulations
  • To update and enhance your current safety program
  • To achieve VPP status
  • To develop a corrective action plan as a result of citations/audits

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Arc Flash

Arc Flash

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