Machine Specific Lockout Tagout Audit

Premier utilizes its highly trained technicians to conduct machine specific secure Lockout Tagout (LOTO) compliance audits. We audit each piece of equipment and record the data using state of the art tablet PC technology. Existing procedures and placards will be compared to corporate and OSHA regulatory requirements. Following the audit a customization compliance report is provided detailing the findings of each piece of equipment. Additionally, Premier will provide a quotation with solutions regarding any non-compliance findings labeled with recommendations which will allow you to maintain continuous compliance moving forward. The final audit report provides the necessary documentation showing compliance with the periodic inspection requirements for your machine specific lockout procedures, as required by OSHA.


Performed annually, this machine specific Lockout Tagout audit ensures that your lockout program maintains corporate and OSHA requirements year after year. Best of all, at only $4 per machine, this audit is extremely affordable.

Audit Scope
  • Kickoff meeting to define equipment review strategy.
  • Review all equipment for labeling, lockout tagout procedures, tags safety.
  • Verify machine specific lockout procedures are current with all Corporate and OSHA requirements.
  • Provide final report which includes:
    • Facility equipment list.
    • Number of energy sources per equipment.
    • Equipment missing lockout procedures.
    • Equipment with compliant lockout procedures.
    • Equipment with non-compliant lockout procedures.
    • Equipment specific list of all compliance deficiencies.
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