Lockout Tagout Procedures: In-House vs. Outsourcing

Key factors in deciding whether to outsource your lockout tagout project or perform the work in-house include:

  • How quickly does the project need to be implemented?
  • Will the resources and tools be available to accommodate the schedule?
Resource Availability
  • What other responsibilities will the personnel assigned to the project have?
  • How will this impact the project as well as other areas of operations?
  • Will the personnel assigned be available long enough to complete the project?
  • Have all costs been taken into consideration including: labor, materials and equipment?
  • Will the personnel assigned have the knowledge, tools and capability to complete the project?
  • Will the desired project results be achieved?
Change Management
  • Will the tools and personnel be available to review and update lockout procedures as your facility's processes and equipment change?
  • Will the changes be properly documented to comply with OSHA regulations?
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